TJ Henley has built a career on service.  Upon graduating high school, TJ served in the United States Marine Corps and attended Texas A&M University.  He graduated with a degree in Agriculture Economics and found his passion during Finance classes.  During his travel for business TJ, he wanted to see how he could marry both his passion for finance, his love for his family, and make an impact in the world around him.  He found that niche when he switched to a career in personal finance and insurance.  TJ has always been an entrepreneur at heart. This led to him being part of many startup companies, including one of his own, that he later sold.   In addition to his professional success, TJ has served his local community as an elected City Councilmember, and most recently, as Treasurer for the community development board.  Loving the outdoors, TJ is known for spending his free time with family, enjoying the mountains or beach, occasionally running a marathon, and hunting in the woods

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