Jason Black has been in bi-vocational ministry for the better part of his career. He’s a pastor’s son himself and an ordained minister who has shared his miraculous testimony on 5 continents so far. No matter where he spoke, he heard the same stories from pastor after pastor. He soon realized that most of them had little financial knowledge or understanding which put their retirement in peril.

It is here Jason found his Calling. All too familiar with the challenges Pastors face vocationally and financially, Jason committed to helping Pastors and their families change the financial aspects of retirement from a potential curse to a blessing. He’s been honored to serve pastors and Fortune 100 companies in ministry income and world-class financial planning and is an international platform speaker on the topic.

Jason is the eldest son of a pastor, gospel evangelist and with his wife of more than 20 years, father to 6 children. He can’t wait to connect with you to help you too!

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