Ben served in ministry with YWAM just out of high school and to this day Ben would share that it was the most impactive experience in Ben’s life.  He ultimately opted not to stay in ministry and returned home to begin his career in Financial Planning.  Ben has been in the financial planning business in Wichita for over 20 years.  During those years Ben’s specialty was retirement planning with an emphasis on estate planning.  In 2016 Ben was asked to become the regional director for Wealth TEAMS; a private wealth management firm whose principal is the esteemed Dr Guy Baker.  In 2018 a local pastor to pastors asked Ben to review some recommendations made to a pastor by a different local financial planner.  So Ben did what Ben does.  He called someone who knew everything there was to know about Pastoral Retirement Planning.  Ben soon learned that pastors get really bad advice when it comes to retirement planning.  And instead of simply referring the pastor to someone else, Ben joined Guardian Financial Group and learned everything he could about pastoral retirement planning.   And since, Ben has focused his practice almost exclusively to pastors and churches.  Ben now has pastor and church clients all around the state of Kansas and in multiple other states.

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